Embracing "the art of the possible": A guests journey

April 25, 2024 : Chris Skinner


A journey decades in the making…

In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, where nature’s grandeur meets the human spirit’s resilience, lies an adventure waiting to be embraced. This is a tale of “The Art of the Possible”.

We were first introduced to this idea last year by our guest and now friend Bev. This powerful idea emerged after a week of hiking in the Canadian Rockies, in places Bev had only dreamed of visiting for decades.

You see, Bev has been traveling through Kootenay National Park for years, coming to Fairmont from Alberta for summer vacations. Every time, she made her way through the Canadian Rockies, dreaming of what might be at the end of that trail. What does it look like up there? Or looking high into the peaks, trying to envision the view from the top.

Bev and her friend Jeanette called us and expressed their hope to “Climb a mountain”, “See a Cirque”, and go to Stanley Glacier. Like many of our guests, they expressed concern about their ability and fitness. So, we opted for a ½ day trip with some elevation gain and tested them both. They crushed it! Next up, Climb a Mountain.

Pedley Pass was next on the radar. After a rest day, we met early and started the trip. If you’ve hiked Pedley Pass, you know that the first hour is a bit of a grind. Consistent elevation gain with sparse views. Bev and Jeanette were happily plodding along, step by step, working their way up to an incredible ridge. It was at our first break, still in the trees but with a view of Mt. Aeneas across the valley, that it hit me… how important and powerful today was going to be.

After fumbling with her bag and getting a snack and some water, I said, “Bev… look up.” That’s when it happened. Bev could see, in full view, the dream becoming reality. Tears began to flow, followed by “Oh my gods” and “It’s so beautiful”. Later in her trip, Bev explained to me the idea of “The Art of the Possible”, but I believe that was the moment, that was when I think she truly believed in it.

The following day we went to see a “Cirque”. Stanley Glacier had been on Bev’s list forever, and for good reason. It is an incredible display of rock and ice, towering cliffs that make you appreciate just how massive these mountains are. Jeanette and Bev made quick work of this trip, and on the way, Bev explained “The Art of the Possible” to me.


It’s about pushing boundaries, both physical and mental. It’s about seeing a mountain peak and believing you can climb it, despite the doubts that may whisper in your ear. It’s about stepping into the wilderness and discovering the depths of your strength and determination. It’s about embracing being out of your comfort zone and working through it to come out the other side.

It wasn’t long after our week that we received this note from Bev regarding her trip. “A spiritual journey of overcoming the unknown in my capability to experience places I only dreamed of seeing. An emotional, physical, and mental breakthrough of perceived limitations and fears to discover the art of the possible – all while having fun – it was unforgettable. I climbed a mountain, I walked on an exposed ridge, and I sat in a cirque!!! Thank you, Chris, for enabling me to discover the art of the possible”.

Bev will be hiking with us again this June, and we will explore “The Art of the Possible” together again, and I can’t wait!