About Us

(dis)Connect, Engage, Experience.

(dis)Connect, Engage, Experience. This is our mantra at Playwest Mountain Experience. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies, Columbia Mountains and around the Columbia RiverĀ  is an incredible place to do it! Located in Invermere, BC, just North of the headwaters of the Columbia River and a short scenic drive from Banff, Alberta, Invermere is a fantastic place to set up a base and explore the relatively quiet side of the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains.

Our aim is to take our guests away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse them into our incredible local hiking trails. Our guides are Invermere residents and are well versed in the local flora & fauna as well as the history of the region. We hope to inspire and educate our guests in a fun and safe environment, learning about our surroundings through story telling and the odd bad joke.

Playwest Mountain Experience is a professional guiding company. All of our guides are members of several professional associations, the most notable being the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG). The ACMG has set the standard for professional guiding in Canada for over 50 years. As a minimum standard all of the Playwest Mountain Experience guides are certified members of the ACMG.

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