“The Art of the Possible”

Embracing “the art of the possible”: A guests journey April 25, 2024 : Chris Skinner blog A journey decades in the making… In the heart of the Canadian Rockies, where nature’s grandeur meets the human spirit’s resilience, lies an adventure waiting to be embraced. This is a tale of “The Art of the Possible”. We […]

Intro to Backpacking: Becoming Adventurous – A guest trip report!

Check out this awesome trip report from our guest and friend Lana! It’s a good one!  By: Lana Osborne-Paradis I’ve always been an active person. From a young age I played many sports, and in my mid-teens I discovered exercise classes and lifting weights at the gym. I was hooked, it was all I wanted […]

Impactful Mountain Experiences: Why we need them!

“The Benefits of Impactful Experiences in the Mountains: Reflection, Growth, and Connection” At Playwest, we have long known of the power of impactful experiences. They have guided our business and personal lives from day 1. Here are some of our thoughts on why experiences in the mountains are powerful. Enjoy. There’s something undeniably special about the […]

Hiking in the rain on the West Coast Trail…it can be fun, honestly!

The title of this blog says it all. It’s not all doom and gloom, it really can be enjoyable to hike when mother nature is weeping. But how, you ask? Playwest Mountain Experience has some helpful tips. Read our top five tips to have fun when backpacking the West Coast Trail in the rain.  It […]

Why hire a guide?

Why Hire an ACMG Guide?  This question is regularly brought up, “Why do we need a guide?” Hiring a guide makes total sense for some, and others not so much. This blog is meant to shed some light on reasons why hiring a certified ACMG (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) might make sense for you.  […]

Wetlands and Wildlife

The Columbia Valley is an incredibly diverse ecological hub. This tour explores one of the crown jewels of our area, The Columbia Wetlands. This wetland is a protected migratory nesting area for hundreds of species of birds. The birder can spend countless hours here enjoying the sites and sounds. After a visit along the shores […]

Summits and Sunsets

Deb from Edmonton reached out to Playwest to see if we could get her and her sisters out for some adventures. Of course we said yes! Deb explained that her mom and sisters get together annually at Deb’s cabin in the Columbia Valley for a ladies trip in August. A typical trip involved days spent […]